A Bigger, Better Location for Hathian’s Community Shelter

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Hathian’s local community shelter Sheltered Hearts has moved to a larger location. This reporter who also owns the shelter is very excited about this move as were all the volunteers who assisted! The new shelter is located just across the street from Radar Recordings located on the corner of King and Hangmans Pass.

Now with more beds, the shelter has also added lockers for possessions to be safely secured during the stay at the shelter.

Sheltered Hearts New CollegeSheltered Hearts has evolved since its original purpose of being merely a homeless shelter and soup kitchen. The move was inspired by the growing need for space along with the shelter being used as a community hub where discretion is adhered to.

Drunken night drives or wanderings home are a thing of the past, since now the shelter is just down the street from Lou’s Bar. No more traversing the back alley’s to get to a warm and safe bed simply weave your way on down the sidewalk. Sheltered Hearts doors are always open.


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