Vandalism at the Graveyard

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An anonymous tip came to this reporter of a recent vandalism that took place at the graveyard. Apparently this vandalism was a message that was removed as soon as the groundskeepers noticed it.

Sources have shared this message read “Alice is dead.” A cryptic sign that could be for anyone who frequents the graves or perhaps for the dead themselves. It has been long known for some individuals to believe themselves capable of communing with the deceased.

The legend of Hathian’s local poltergeist speaks of a woman called Harley who allegedly preferred human flesh and blood rather than a traditional meal. A woman who viewed the human head better off next to the body than atop the neck. They say now that if blood is smeared over Harley’s grave and the words “Harley Kill” are uttered then the spirit of the executed psychopath will come and with the correct type of voodoo, will perform a task.


This reporter has on reports on motive for the recent graveyard vandalism, however a warning has gone out by the keepers that additional trespassing and vandalism will not be tolerated.

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