Sheltered Hearts of Hathian, a Community Necessity

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Sheltered Hearts has only opened recently but already it appears to have become a community necessity as citizens of all statuses take advantage of the options provided. The grand opening took place on March 6th 2016, a BBQ in front of the shelter that included burgers, hotdogs and various beverages free to the public. Permanent staff of Sheltered Hearts report the opening was a huge success where connections were made with key members of the community.

Sheltered Hearts is more than just a community shelter, it is an all in one homeless shelter, halfway house and soup kitchen. Founder and owner Rae Winters (this reporter!) has high hopes of expanding what the shelter currently offers.

Sheltered Hearts Collage

With a high value placed on discretion, privacy is respected, the volunteer’s of Sheltered Hearts are here to offer citizens information and assistance to those who request it.

Current services include:

  • Free wifi and charging station for phones, tablets etc.
  • Warm beds, showers, daily meals
  • Job assistance / placement

A charity raffle event is currently in the workings of being organized where proceeds will go directly to the shelter. Please contact Rae Winters if you would like to volunteer, donate or participate!

Located at the corner of Berthier and Hangmans Pass if you’re in need or simply curious, be sure to visit!

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