A Word From Valentina Fernandez

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What is democracy to you?

Democracy is the voice of not one, but several.To me , democracy is putting an end to violence, but my main concern, putting an end to discrimination and racism. A way of living.
Polls show most voters don’t think government works. What would you do to FIX the underlying structures and systems that seem to be broken?

I defiantly agree with the poll results.My main concerns which the city is in need of is care , and responsibility. The main points i plan to improve on if elected is;Taxes, putting an end to homelessness, The voice of the public, friendly service, more convenience stores, a hygienic environment , police extra training and child care. Obviously each of these need to be taken upon time by time , and a lot of time being placed into each concern.But , as time gradually moves on, citizens will find them self in a safe , comfortable environment , which the city is lacking.My first and main concern in child care.Recently, a youth had been caught smashing up a police vehicle. This reflects on the child’s guidance and education.If we had first class teachers out there, educating them on the wrongs and rights, they wouldn’t continue to grow up as they are now.

Are you in favor of open carry?

Open carry is understandably used for protection or self defense. I see children out carrying bats because they are scared of what consequences may occur to them if they had not. In my opinion , a citizen mustn’t have a criminal record in order to carry a weapon, otherwise making it illegal.

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold gay marriage?

I think this decision is an absolute violation to me and my beliefs. Why shall somebody be excused to marry somebody whom they love?Who is anybody else to deny that?
What are your goals for the education system?

For teachers to educate children more on laws and criminals. Youths see horrific violence on the streets , which had been proven for them to be copying. These children are in neglect , and this should most defiantly be any candidate’s main concern , if they are genuine.

How do you feel about the changes in the HPD and any ideas on keeping a safer Hathian?

I have heard about candidates claiming ‘The HPD is full of corruption’, ‘We need to put an end to this’, etcetera,etcetera. I think that the HPD work together , in order to make Hathian a safer place, and lockup the bad guys.Which is what they are for.If they must use physical contact, they have a reason to do so.At the moment the HPD as a team are strong , and if elected i intend on making them stronger.

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