Hearts Of Hathian

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we at the Observer would like to invite the residents of our fine city to let out their romantic side. With that being said, what could be more flattering than announcing your love…or lust for someone publicly? For a short period of time we will be publishing your letters to a loved one for the whole city to read!

Embarrass easy? No problem. You can submit yours to the paper anonymously, leaving little hints for that special someoneĀ to pick up on, or as a secret admirer. We WILL be posting all letters as is, but ask that you try to keep the content ‘somewhat’ appropriate.

You can bring your letters by the Observer office when someone is in, contact Poptartz ((Thianya Kanya)) in person or via Twitter @ThianyaKanya to have your romantic gestures announced.

We look forward to seeing the Hearts Of Hathian!

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