Child Vandals: Do the HPD Really Care About the City’s Youth?

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Monday afternoon around 12:30pm a young girl was seen vandalizing an police cruiser right outside in the Hathian Police Department’s side parking lot.

The girl entered the HPD’s fenced area wearing a mask, and carrying a bat with spikes on it. After a few moments she reached in her backpack and pulled out a can of spray paint, spraying the closest HPD cruiser with the pink paint. The message she left for the department read “Coppers are from hell.” She then began to yell loudly “Coppers took my dad and uncles away, put me in a home where I only got cold porridge and had to make pants and sweaters all day!” before taking the bat and attempting to smash the driver side window, according to a by stander who then saw the girl run off.

The young girl is between the ages of 10-12, has long light brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses. She had on a black skirt, red leggings, and a red and black hoodie. She also appeared to be carrying a black backpack and what the witness described as a metal bat with spikes covering the end. She was last seen outside Berthier St. Bakery, still carrying the bat.

When asked about this crime Alexis Fairchild, an officer of the HPD, didn’t seem to have much information about it, but had a few interesting things to say.

“I don’t even know who this kid is, but I’m more than sure our CCTV feed captured it.” She told me, completely oblivious to the fact that the young girl had been wearing a mask. “Here’s some insight… The kid did something stupid and will have to deal with Child Services about it.”

Earlier in the year the Hathian Police Department stated that they were committed to trying to divert youngsters from entering into a life of crime, and that the youth of Hathian was considered a main concern of theirs. When asked any further information the public should know about the crime, or whether or not they had any leads regarding the identification or where abouts of the minor, Hathian Police Department officers refused to comment.

It would appear that the Hathian Police Department isn’t as focused on keeping the children of Hathian off the streets, and away from a life of crime as they had once claimed. With the crime rates rising more and more everyday, and the youth been seen skipping school regularly, committing petty crimes, and even entering more dangerous gang type situations, the citizens must start to wonder… If not even the young people of Hathian, who are the HPD trying to protect and serve?

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