DJ Blunt: Your Hathian Hangover Cure

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For a lot of people here in Hathian, music is an escape. Something that brings people together and relieves the stress of this often violent  and scary world we live in. We’re always looking for something new and exciting to keep us entertained, and this DJ has done just that!

You’ve probably tuned into his Saturday afternoon show on WKRK to have a good laugh and take in some good music, but the Observer was lucky enough to have the chance to talk with DJ Blunt himself during one of his shows to find out about his career, inspirations, and his personal opinion on our lovely little city.

Thianya Kanya: You’ve been a DJ for a while now, when was it that you started DJing?

DJ Blunt: I started DJing way back in High School, back in the nineties.
I started doing it and then I got more and more of a following so I ended up just doing it on the side
for weddings and shit till I got this gig at WKRK.

TK: Who were some of your biggest inspirations for becoming a DJ when you were growing up?

DJB: My greatest influences were people like Run DMC , Jam Master Jay and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

TK: If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

DJB: I’d have to say the 90’s, just cause that’s the most impact and influential in my life as a young man. And fuck..the music was badass and fresh…now it’s just all regurgitated.

TK: What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

DJB: Right now? I’d have to say No Diggity by Chet Faker, yeah.

TK: What’s your favourite genre of music, and why?

DJB: I don’t have a favourite, I just don’t. I think that’s what makes me so versatile, I’ll play anything.

DJ Blunt wasn’t lying when he said he’ll “play anything”, “even Beiber” who he mentioned he can’t stand. This Hathian DJ is known for a couple things. Being hungover often during his show, so often that it was renamed to fit the tradition. He is also well known around the city for doing requests , he encourages it!

TK: What made you choose the name “The Hangover with DJ Blunt”?

DJB: I have done “The Hangin with Blunt” for awhile but my boss Kian Traviss took over as station manager and reorganized everything, it was his idea..

TK: Do you often do your show while you’re in fact, hungover?

DJB: [Laughes] All the time, which is why my boss named it that!

TK: You do requests during all of your shows, do you ever get stuck doing requests of songs you really can’t stand, and do you ever refuse?

DJB: On occasion but that’s the thing, you got to weigh and measure if it’s your personal issue or
if it’s for the good of the show. I know my boss used to absolutely refuse to play Bieber or that white bitch… no offence. [he added] you know the one,really popular..anyway, I don’t refuse I just limit it,for my own sanity and those of the public.

It’s no big secret that the city of Hathian has been declining in certain ways, and seemingly only been getting worse. Between the gangs, violence, and theft taking over, some people feel like victims just trying to survive another day without looking at the wrong person the wrong way. While he didn’t grow up in Hathian like a lot of our citizens, but in Tupelo Mississipi (Also the hometown of the infamous Elvis Presley), DJ Blunt still had some things to say about this city’s decline.

“I guess my biggest challenge as a DJ is to keep an open mind about things going on around Hathian,the violence is just incredible but if I bitch about it too much I might piss off the wrong people, yet I got an opinion. I also like my skin the way it is…that’s challenging.”

TK: Do you think some music is effecting the young people of Hathian in a negative way?

DJB: Naw, actually I think it’s the water. It’s most likely polluted like Flint Michigan’s, too much lead, making the kids all dumb.

TK: Was there a lot less crime in Tupelo where you grew up?

DJB: Nah, they’re just a little more subtle about it, I guess.

“I have to just say to all the up and coming DJ’s, Just fucking jump in and do it, you ain’t gonna be good if you aint’ doin it.”

He also commented on his job in regards to what all us Hathians seem to be fixated on, money!
“It don’t pay much but it’s steady and i get side-work off it.” So while it might not be the best paying choice out there, if you love music and wan’t some honest work, maybe DJing is something you’d want to give a shot.

You can tune into DJ Blunts ‘The Hangover’ on WKRK Saturday afternoons at 2pm, and be sure to send him requests for your favorite songs! Just tweet any comments and requests to @DeeJBlunt to get your hangover cure!

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