Letter to the Editor: To The “Miscarriage Victim”

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A public response to the public opinion of the Miscarriage Victim.

Hello Miscarriage Victim.  You know me.  However I don’t know you.  I don’t even know your name, and I couldn’t care less to know.  See, you recently threatened me in a publicly cited document.  Unlike you, however, I take great pride in handling my problems in person, face-to-face.  Using the local paper and broadcasting this for all of the City of Hathian to waste their time reading, it’s really not my “thing”.  However, after watching you grace the front cover on-and-off for the past week and a half is beginning to aggravate me.  You don’t deserve so much attention!  Once I caught your letter to the editor, I decided that enough is enough.

So, Miscarriage Victim…  Here is my perspective of your story.

I am standing outside in the cold, staring at you through the window as you approach two young children.  You mouthed something while looking at me, and flashed your piece for some reason.  I grin, finding it amusing that you’d get so defensive.  Then again, I’m pretty damn overwhelming.
But, as you recall, I never stepped within the establishment.  Still, you lifted your phone and dialed for the police – and then, to contradict your very action, you reached out for the little girl and forcefully grappled her.

I find it ironic that you had left out that particular little detail, Miss Former Mother To be.  The one where you lock the door for no reason other than to continue your harassment of that poor little girl.

But since you’d like to neglect these particular details, I’ll humor you.  Let’s back-trace.  After all, nobody in this city cares for the truth.  I will go along with your delusional perspective.  Considering that you’re a self-admitting schizophrenic, I can only assume that you had obviously forgotten to take your medications that day.  As for the City of Hathian, I’ll leave it to their better judgment to decide what truly happened – if they even care, that is..

You don’t unlock the door until the police show up.  Then, because they’re there, you continuously insult me, and even hold me at gun-point.  Cute.  Then, in comes Corporal Matfield, who sets the record straight.  Because I did nothing wrong, Corporal Matfield let me be.   He rescued those hysterical little children and gave you a citation for abusing the police dispatch system and essentially wasting their time.

Oh yes, that’s right.  Because you held me at gun-point, Matfield’s partner had no choice but to taze you.

Ladies and Fellas of Hathian, Louisiana, I ask of you:  Does this story add up?  No.  Why would this infamously alleged Miscarriage Victim become defensive after I witnessed her roughing up a little girl?  Had she dialed the cops, hoping to set me up in one of her delusional manifestations to justify for her lack of medication?  The little girl shouted it out herself.  “Help me, please!”  She pleaded, staring dead at me from within the locked establishment.

Clearly we can see that the alleged Miscarriage Victim is not a victim at all!  Had she opted to take her medication that particular afternoon like a responsible adult, she might not have become delusional and belligerent to the point where she lashed out at those helpless children.  Had she been responsible about her Schizophrenia, she might not have held me at gun-point, which resulted in the subduing and, inevitably, the loss of your unborn child.

You have no one but yourself to blame, Miscarriage *Psychopath*!   You and all of the other unstable members of our community who abuse the availability of medications and other mental health resources in our area in spite of some delusional reason.

Oh, and by the way, Miss Miscarriage Victim; I have bled as you had bled.  Many, many years ago.  At the hands of one particular merciless Lieutenant, eventually Captain of the Hathian Police Department.  I was much younger than you at the time.

Except, instead of being tazed, I was curb stomped multiple times and forced to eject.  After, he ended up tossing me, bloodied and beaten, into a dumpster outside of the clinic.  Had it not been for the janitor, I would probably be dead.

My point is, after that happened, do you think that I went crying to the local newspaper?  No.  We didn’t even have an official newspaper to begin with.  I sucked it up and dealt with it.

And so, Miscarriage “Victim”, I will not threaten you for your callous remarks toward me.  Truly, I can care less.  I don’t even want to waste anymore of my precious time on you.  I’m just stating the facts of the story after I had enough of watching your picture grace the cover of my copy of the Observer every single day last week.  I’m looking for important information that pertains to my life.  Not some story about how the alleged Miscarriage Victim swears vengeance upon some bloodied mass of tissue that likely hadn’t even resembled that of an actual human being.

And so, on behalf of all of the loyal followers of the Hathian Observer:  Shut up and get over it!

Yours Truly,

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