Bomb Scare Rocks HPD

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Another bomb threat, something that seems to be common place in Hathian lately, took hold of the notorious Hathian Police Department Monday evening after a woman came in claiming to have a bomb strapped to her neck.

The victim, Briony Privette, stated that the Immortals had put a collar on her several weeks ago, telling her that she “belonged” to them from this point forward. Finally deciding to seek help, Privette went to the police station.

After several minutes of panic, the Fire Department of Hathian, as well as their newly formed branch, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal, was on scene. The building was evacuated as a precaution, giving the prisoners a rare moment of fresh air.

One tense hour later, the bomb was finally deactivated. Privette only suffered minor lacerations to her neck due to electrical shocks, and the bomb was disposed of using a controlled explosion.


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