Letter to the Editor: From the Miscarriage Victim

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I didn’t want to write this, but I have now read my name in the paper once again. This reporter seems to have taken it upon herself to build herself up a reputation using me as her means of doing it.

I am now setting the record straight, readers. And I hope you take my words as the one who has suffered the most in this tragic affair.

I was an employee at the Clam Convenience store for not even two hours. I had started working there to help my kid brother save up enough money for an important operation he needs. I am a professional skate boarder and the money I have accumulated in my career can easily pay for it, but he insists upon earning the money himself. Which shows me that in the short time since adopting him into my family, he has become more of a grown up than most in this city.

As I was working and tending to the young boy’s needs behind the counter, that little girl came in and interjected herself into our conversation and began spewing hateful and racist remarks at me for not agreeing with her in regards to the discussion about Officer Nick Matfield who has displayed countless times in the past that he is incapable of being a fair and professional officer of the law. The child in question was also being insulting toward the boy.

I went out from behind the counter to try talking to her and explaining that an argument can escalate and that they should take it outside because it was a place of business. This was when I noticed the one I know now as Carly was staring in at me from outside of the window. Being two and a half months pregnant at the time, naturally any expectant mother would feel nervous and afraid for the well being of their child.

It was at this time the two children were going back and forth, then the boy wanted to leave. Fearing he would be hurt, I pulled him back from the door and gave him a gentle push back toward the counter. The girl shoved the boy and I grabbed her by her backpack to pull her back but had no intentions to harm her. I may be a lot of things, but a child abuser is not one of them.

I showed Carly my gun and told her to leave or I was calling the police. She gave me a grin but refused to leave. I called the police at this time, begging for help because I was afraid for the children, my unborn and yes myself. The young girl was still spewing her racist comments and I was sickened by the things she was saying. How would a child even understand such things let alone tell them to someone they don’t even know?

I was quickly becoming overwhelmed with the situation, unsure of how to handle it. I am a sufferer of schizophrenia and have periods where I am not lucid or even aware of my actions, and sometimes I am aware but cannot control my actions. Growing tired of the child’s mean remarks, I did scold her but she began crying that I would shoot her or harm her and never did my gun point in her direction. I went outside to finally confront the woman who was there whether to cause me harm or not and this lying reporter was also there.

Both began selling their lies to any who would listen that I was intending to harm those children. I did tell them that I would start shooting if they didn’t leave and yes my gun was drawn, but I did not point it at anyone. Officer Santiago Acosta came at this time and I holstered my gun to let him handle the situation believing he would be professional and do his job. How silly I was to believe a Hathian police officer would actually do that. I would like to point out that I did tell him I was pregnant and highly hormonal at the time.

He tazed Carly straight away and yes I laughed. I don’t care if that makes me look like a bitch, I found it hysterical. But the lying reporter continued to lie saying I was harming the children and wouldn’t stop lying up until Officer Matfield arrived. When he did, he demanded to know why Carly was on the ground. This confused me but I tried to explain what happened. I was ignored and Acosta suddenly turned the tazer on me, despite knowing I was pregnant. I hit the ground and experienced searing pain in my abdomen combined with the pain of the tazer. It was at this time, I had lost my unborn child.

Officer Acosta ran from the scene without even staying to ensure of my safety. Officer Matfield helped Carly up and let her escape. The children were escorted away and I was given a citation with bogus charges just to further give Matfield pleasure at my misery. I was left there on the ground, bleeding and in despair. My younger brother was who found me and while he is in a wheel chair, he had to drag me to the hospital, where I only got to hold my deceased child for under a minute before he was taken from me and cremated.

The reporter approached me days later attempting to manipulate me into believing she was simply there as a curious and concerned bystander. This is far from the truth. She was there, joining in on my misery and even admitted it was all for twenty dollars. My baby was killed to fill her pocket. This is something I cannot let go without punishment.

While I do agree I could have handled things differently, it is no excuse for men or women to hide behind a badge while using it to destroy people’s lives. Or for reporters to use a victim’s misery to benefit their own career. Nor will I allow her to manipulate my words and edit them to her own liking after this interview she so desperately wants from me. No, I sent the truth directly over her head to ensure my words are not manipulated or edited to keep her looking innocent. The real victim in all of this was my son. And he is dead and this disgusting reporter had a hand in that.

While my threat to the young female child to this reporter was merely out of anger, I still have no intention to harm her. But the others, including the lying reporter deserve to suffer as I have suffered. I will not stop until all of them are bleeding as I have bled. Enjoy the peace while you have it, Hathian Police. Because it won’t last.

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