Miscarriage Victim Declares War on Attackers

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Last Wednesday TaiLia Yheng, who was the victim of a brutal tazering that caused her to miscarry, openly declared war on all those who had a part in her child’s murder. This came only a day after her brutalization at the hands of rookie Officer Santiago Acosta, causing the death of her son. I bumped in to Ms. Yheng the next day, in late morning around 10am; concerned, I approached her to inquire as to her health surprised to see her so mobile, and to offer her my condolences. Naturally, it should also be mentioned I had hoped for a more coherent statement in regards to her side of the story from the night previous. Instead I got far more than a statement and more than I bargained for.

I had been present, during the horrific events up until it seemed the police were tazering innocents. At the sight of TaiLia unconscious at the hands of a nervous rookie, I confess I did leave the scene, expecting the woman to be taken care of by the senior officer attending Nick Matfield. It appears now that I was very wrong to have made that assumption, as TaiLia was not only NOT helped, but left to bleed on the side walk – fined for her troubles (as was mentioned in the previous article. I had, by the next day, been made aware of what had actually happened to her after my departure and was (yes, despite what some close to the victim may believe) very upset and concerned. The entire affair was one ill-handled and that woman should never have been cited. While I did, during the event, believe she had been endangering children, it was clear by the time Officer Acosta had arrived and tazed his first victim that things were not as they had appeared. Saturday’s article had even gone to print before it had been fully edited – you can find the complete article, including statements from TaiLia herself, on my blog.

She threatened this reporter personally as she declared that, “No one will recognize you after I am done.” As she declared that, once she was healthy, she would be hunting down all those involved, apparently no matter how indirectly the involvement was. “Once I’m back to my full strength you will suffer for his death. You, Matfield, Acosta, that little girl, and Carly.” She included a child in the list of those who would ‘suffer’. The little girl in question, of course, is the one from the Clam incident who began much of the situations escalation by crying wolf, causing those outside the locked Clam Convenience to fear for her life. Her identity has been omitted to protect her identity.

She had this to say; “I’m no longer pregnant…and I’m on a mission to destroy every person responsible for his death,” going on to explain “I only got to hold him [my son] a few seconds before he was taken from me and incinerated into a pile of ashes.”

Believing the grief-stricken woman was simply distraught, and since she had done me no bodily harm, I chose not to bring a case against her with the PD. She had suffered enough. Unfortunately, my belief that she was only reacting out of distress at the recent loss and would, if not soon, then eventually regain her equilibrium, was dearly misjudged. Not a day or two later Ms. TaiLia was seen threatening Officers Acosta and Matfield, before fleeing to find herself facing another officer in the alley beside the arcade. Tazering the female officer with her own weapon, TaiLia fled on a skateboard; she was later arrested and confined, but will likely be out soon, if she is not already back on the streets.

This leaves one with a sense of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, she has clearly become unstable (for just reasons) and is an obvious threat if she is unable even to restrain herself from potentially harming a child. On the other hand, however, I see a woman who has lost her child, who lives in a corrupt system which caters to the criminal elite while it rejects those who truly need their service and protection.

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