Letter to the Editor: Officer in the Wrong

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Dear reporter,

I am a not just a concerned citizen but also a direct witness to the crime that you published in the paper about the man being shot by an Officer Gabriel over the man attacking and smoking marijuana.

The truth is that Officer Gabriel was abusing his authority and attacked me with his baton…He handcuffed me to a table in front of Gein and the suspect in question came to my rescue.  He ran over recording the incident on his phone and tried talking to the officer.  The Officer then pulled his gun and fired at the suspect hitting him in the leg only a couple of feet away from me.  The man went down.  Another citizen who was concern came to my aid and tried talking to the Officer.  The officer aimed his gun to myself and the woman who came to my rescue and uncuffed me.  Maybe it was because he realized that he shot the man and had to make an excuse but he told us to run away or he’ll shoot us too.  The woman picked me up and we ran.

I write this to set the record straight because I want to see justice be brought down on the lying scum bag of an police officer that decided he wanted to hurt me or worse, and take it out on a concerned man who was just trying to do the right thing.  I hope this letter finds someone who cares and let the public know the truth.

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