Hate Leaves Woman Burned

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What apparently began as a case of mistaken identity last Thursday afternoon turned into a grisly burning in the streets earlier when an unknown assailant mistakenly propositioned and then set on fire a stripper from the local club, who had been walking by the Daily Grind coffee shop.

Witnesses out front of the Grind say the victim was approached across the street by a woman of average height and black hair. “She was sort of sallow skinned and had a lot of leather and black on,” said one witness.  The attacker is a woman of average height and sallow-pale skin with black hair of middling length. She was last seen wearing a leather jacket and red shirt and has piercings all over her face.

The assailant was overheard saying, “Jesus woman. You’re dressed like a hooker. Obviously you know what I want,” just before she threw liquid at the other woman. The victim, Sofia Blakewood, a local stripper, was heard stating that she was not for sale, attempting to correct the mistake; “I am not a hooker, lady. I am a professional adult entertainer,” before she was doused with what sources say smelled like strong liquor.

In fear for her life, Blakewood then was seen throwing herself at the woman who, sources say, dodged her and proceeded to kick her and pin her down on the cement, on her stomach. “She had her pinned and then she poured more stuff all over her and started trying really hard to light her dress; I guess the material was fire retardant or something, because all that went up was the hair where the fire touched. It was horrible,” said a woman.

All this, in the streets while people look on. Thankfully an unknown woman in business attire stepped forwards to help. Witnesses say she had a pink phone out, and had threatened the unknown assailant with a concealed weapon as she made the call, causing the attacker to flee. Witnesses say she had yelled, “All you hooker filth will burn!” just before she disappeared from view.

The victim was taken to Hathian General, where she was treated for second degree burns to her left leg, arm and shoulder, along with several other injuries. If anyone has any information on the attacker’s identity, or if the attacker herself would like to give a statement, the Observer would like to hear from you; please call or leave a message at the Observer for Laeira Aventide.

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