Allegations of HPD, Criminal Alliances

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While the Hathian Police Department doesn’t have a stellar reputation, they are still responsible for protecting the law abiding citizens of the city, but recently allegations of possible alliances and dealings with not just criminals, but entire gangs, has been brought to our attention.

Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that the late Lieutenant Lucy Morrisey had deals with Parnell Urqhart, leader of the Rejects. Allegedly, Morrisey had a number of exchanges with Urqhart for favours, though we could not determine what sort of things this implied.

We were also told that a tentative truce between Detective Lieutenant Moonshadow and the Reapers was severed after a fight in which the Detective Lieutenant was badly injured. Moonshadow, however, denies all claims of alliances between the HPD and any criminal or criminal organization.

“I am certainly not aware of any so-called ‘alliances’,” assures Moonshadow. “Like anyone in this city, if you break the law, you had better start looking over your shoulder for us. Do the crime, do the time.”

Moonshadow was also kidnapped by the Zeros recently, but has since been rescued. She says that “Matt Zero and his accomplices served time for it and were even given rights to conjugal visits,” but despite this, some things remain suspect according to our source.

“The Zeros’ compound remains whole. No raids on it, no one is calling services to make sure their children are safe with such bloody outbreaks of violence,” says the source. “If the Zeros were as much of a public enemy as I hear the citizens of Hathian saying, the cops would have rolled in there and burnt the place down by now to scare them out of town, as Andel used to do in his days.”

If what our source claims is true, it is indeed troubling; the HPD is allegedly creating alliances with the people that they’re supposed to be putting behind bars, and thus putting the rest of the city in danger. But that’s all this is, allegations.

“We are in the business of law enforcement,” Moonshadow says. “We are not in the business of handing out ‘get out of jail free’ cards. You only get those if you play Monopoly.”


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