A Look Into the Legalization of Marijuana

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While citizens of Hathian seem to, generally, be pleased with the work of Mayor Karn Nevelle and his city council, one issue seems to remain controversial.

The most notable thing the new government has done in six months is legalize marijuana, which became law back in May. Many had hopes that it would lower the crime rate and bring in much needed funding for struggling parts of the city, but evidence of this is few and far between.

Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang of the Hathian Police Department even said it may have raised the city’s crime rate. “If anything, I believe it might have grown,” he stated in a text message.

The issue could stem from the fact it isn’t controlled or regulated. There are no dispensaries, so people can grow and sell it and easily as Grandma Midge peddles her carrots at the local farmers market.

This ‘free range’ marijuana can be as strong or weak as the grower desires, and even be laced with other illegal substances. While this occurred when pot was illegal, it now falls into a grey area of legislation that can be hard to prosecute.

Though, there are two sides to every coin, and this situation is no different. With the HPD no longer required to engage or arrest those found smoking or in possession of the drug, time, man power, and money have been freed up, allowing officers to use their resources more wisely. Though with the less than favourable reputation of the police department, this remains to be seen.

Despite this, the people of Hathian seem to be in favour of the new law, or lack there of, many on Twitter stating that they’re glad to see it finally legalized. After all, it is only a matter of time before the country as a whole follows suit.

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