Cop Shoots Cop!

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

At precisely 8:30 PM on September 23rd off duty Hathian Police Department Patrol Division Lieutenant Lucy Morrisey shot and killed a fellow off duty officer, Rookie Ian Burkowski. Leaked information to this paper has shown that Lt. Morrisey responded off duty to a personal call from her wife stating she was being assaulted and mugged by an off duty officer.

According to the report seen by this paper, it would appear upon Lt. Morrisey’s arrival Burkowski drew his weapon before he was shot and killed by the Lieutenant. The report states a bullet to the head and another to the chest was fired before Burkowski could fully draw his own weapon.

Evidence suggests the gun was owned or previously used by one Cortalez though the incident report states no more than this.

Sources close to the paper have told us that it is believed by members of HPD command that officer Burkowski was a known drug user and also found himself under the influence of the Rejects street gang. Theories of pressure asserted on the officer are doing the rounds within the department suggest that Burkowski may have been forced to attack Roslyn Morrisey, the Lieutenants wife, the Rejects have already been known to target the Lieutenant and other high profile members of the Police Department.

When asked for an Official comment from the HPD, Det. Lt Moonshadow said: “What the **CENSORED**? Who the **CENSORED** told you about this? We cannot possibly comment about ongoing internal affairs investigations. Tell me your source you snivelling pile of **CENSORED**! If you print this stuff I will shove that pencil of yours right up your **CENSORED**”


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