Chaotic HPD Shootout Ends In Four Injuries

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A near lethal altercation occurred in the lobby of the Hathian Police Department yesterday when Kevin Faust, a known trouble maker to the HPD, attempted to assault a group of officers and one citizen, leaving new mother Adelaide Walker and pregnant Officer Charlotte Calaway injured after a confusing series of gunshots.

The incident started when Walker arrived at the station. After seeing her on his security feed, Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang asked Calaway to invite the woman inside in an attempt to extend an olive branch to her. For weeks, Walker has been harassing the Xuanzang family, even threatening to harm their newborn twins, and Captain Xuanzang wished to have a civil conversation about it.

Faust had been in the lobby of the station the entire time, but after engaging the women in conversation, he withdrew a knife and pointed it at the pair, leading for both the officer and Walker to pull out their own handguns in defense.

After seeing this unfold on the security cameras, Xuanzang leaves his office, also arming himself with his sidearm, but not before a series of gunshots ring out in the lobby. It is not clear who fired first, though Faust threw his knife at the Captain before he was shot in the thigh and tazed from behind by a male officer in the dressing room.

Within seconds, the injuries mounted. One officer was shot, two civilians were shot, and one officer was stabbed. While the situation was chaotic, Xuanzang was able to confirm that Walker had fired twice at Calaway, while he fired at Faust and Walker, all with a knife in his thigh.

At this point, no motive for Faust could be determined, though Captain Xuanzang suggested that it could either be due to a “psychotic break or [being] serial attention seeker.”

The Captain did say that he believed Walker’s motives were tied to that of the new activist group that surfaced within the last few days after she stated she wished to join the group on Twitter, as well as posting several tweets related to the group.

Walker, Calaway, and Faust were all transported to the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to serious. Calaway and her unborn child are reportedly in good condition, while the other two are believed to be in police custody at the hospital.

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