First Responder Missing After Car Accident

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Harrison Rascon, a member of the Fire Department of Hathian, was reportedly involved in a serious car accident sometime early this week.

His car was found upside down and badly damaged in a swampy area near the city of Houma. Unfortunately, he wasn’t with his vehicle.

“Last I saw him was after Kate’s book signing,” says Gracey Flanagan, fellow member of the FDH. “I am numb, and scared.”

The book signing Flanagan is referring to was on June 11th, just over a week ago, for Kate Stark, another member of the FDH.

His phone was also found, along with his football bag, suggesting that he was on his way to practise. Though at this point, everything is speculation.

Additional evidence at the scene suggests that he managed to escape the overturned vehicle under his own volition, though his condition and current whereabouts are unknown.

His brothers and sisters of the FDH are desperately trying to find him, but the investigation is slow going. They do, however, believe he is alive.

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