Drought Officially Declared, Water Restrictions In Place

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After more than two weeks of no rain and at least a week of sweltering temperatures, the environmental committee has officially declared a drought in Hathian.

Various water restrictions have been placed upon the city, giving the emergency services top priority to water usage. With the fire danger rating at an all time high, a ferocious fire is likely to happen, and the Fire Department of Hathian needs all the resources they can get.

Temperatures are not likely to cool down anytime soon. Wentworth the Weatherman predicts that it’s only going to get hotter before the weather finally returns to normal sometime near the end of the month.

To make matters worse, an algae bloom, more commonly known as a red tide, has appeared off the shore near North Shore Drive due to the heat. While most algae blooms are not harmful, officials believe that is not the case for this occurrence.

People are warned to stay away from any suspicious looking water, as it can be toxic. Citizens should also be aware of what they’re eating, as seafood could be contaminated with harmful toxins as well. Residents also need to make sure they’re hydrated and staying out of the sun, as heatstroke is a very real possibility.

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