DJ Puddles Karaoke Special – Friday 2pm

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Do you sing in the shower? Does music want to burst out of you like the alien in that film leaving you quivering on a table with your entrails hanging out?

Um…well….anyway, now is your chance to show off your singing talent to the city in DJ Puddles Karaoke Special! This Friday (5th June) at 2pm, Hathian’s finest singers, or anyone not too chicken shit scared to hold a microphone and belt them out, will sing LIVE on HTV.

The public will vote via Twitter for their favourite act who will be presented with a trophy at the end of the show. Don’t miss it! Sponsored by ‘Brun Dug Studio’.

((Singers will need to bring their avatars to the HTV Studio in Vodou and sing live on voice via Skype. Applications on a notecard to TrixieBelladonna Resident, with a list of up-to 3 songs you can sing. HTV will provide the instrumental backing-tracks, but you must know the song lyrics. If they are ‘special’ versions, send MP3 files to [email protected] Deadline for applications midnight (SLT) Thursday 4th June)).

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