HPD Officer Rescues Child

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On April 30, 2015 Hathian Police Officer Michelob “Mickie” Karu, was out on patrol with her K9 Fang, when she observed two young females climbing on the backhoe at the construction area at the corner of Hathian Hwy and Battle St.

She was in the process of advising them they needed to get down when the younger female, Jaeden Pink, age 8, jumped.

“I rushed in and luckily was able to catch her in my arms. I didn’t even think, I just reacted. A kid in danger means you don’t have time to think, you just move,” Officer Karu stated. “The child then stated that the magic didn’t work and she was near tears because she couldn’t fly.”

It then became apparent to Officer Karu after a few quick questions that the older female, Emily Pink, age 18, had convinced her younger sister that the magic would let her fly like a bird and be able to “catch the stars”.

“I left the young girl in the care of my K9. I knew Fang would keep her safe, for the only thing he likes better than treats, is love and attention from children. He turns into a total goofy, fluffy, love bug around them.”

Officer Karu then started to yell at the older Miss Pink and immediately observed her shut down, curling up into a ball. She realized the woman may be autistic or have some sort of mental disorder and quickly changed her tactic, speaking to Emily in a calm manner. At this point Officer Mike Halsey arrived and went around the back side of the equipment in case Emily decided to try and run off.

The children’s mother, BeBe Pink arrived a few moments after and was able to talk her older daughter off the backhoe to the safety of the ground. She advised the Officers that the Pink children had managed to escape the Nanny and run off to play.

Ms. Pink stated in an interview, “I am sincerely grateful that Officer Karu was there to help my two children”

She implied that most officers might have just tased Emily or continued to yell which could have caused the incident to escalate and the forward progress she had made with her daughter, getting her out of her shell and able to semi function in public, would have been set back.

Officer Karu even asked how the girl could be handled in the future in case Ms. Pink wasn’t luckily nearby and was properly introduced to the girl in such a manner that Emily looked at the Officer and was able to have a conversation with her without being frightened. Officer Karu said the girl even seemed to like her and asked if she was so tall because she ate the same thing Alice did. To which Officer Karu replied yes, for how else could she be so tall.

Ms. Pink was, “Extremely grateful for her patience and compassion that she holds for children, especially toward my older daughter, Emily, who has special needs. I am very appreciative of how she handled the situation and hope that other officers will learn from her example in handling these situations.”

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