Mayor, City Council Sworn In

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The newly elected members of the Hathian municipal government were sworn in Saturday in a small, private ceremony, which marks the beginning of their leadership.

Mayor Karn NevelleDoing away with the pomp and circumstance, Mayor Karn Nevelle and Councilwomen Zipporah Caverly, Inara Shen, and Perina McGinnis were each in turn given the oath of office by Judge Dharyus Rindler in the mayor’s personal office.

As they finished, the mayor lightly commented, “Pimps, Whores, Crooks, and Murders, and now we hold the keys to the asylum. God bless us all.”

With many campaign promises to fulfill, the new council and mayor seek to begin working immediately on improving Hathian. Citizens should be on the lookout for bimonthly meetings, open to the public, as an opportunity to both voice concerns and keep these officials accountable.

Councilwoman Zipporah Caverly Councilwoman Perina McGinnis Councilwoman Inara Shen




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