Hathian Sniper Strikes Again!

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At around Midday on Monday, Citizen’s were enjoying some fun courtesy of the Clam Store’s Easter festivities, when suddenly the peace was shattered as shots rang out. A hail of bullets rained down as men, women and children ran for cover, screaming in terror. A woman was injured as the bullets continued to be fired indiscriminately.

It was not until armed Officers of the HPD responded order was returned. The Sniper attempted to flee in an armoured and blacked-out Humvee, as the Suspect continued to fire shots at the Officers without any regard for the innocent civilians cowering nearby.

Brave Officer Hunter Caverly leapt onto the moving vehicle, hanging onto the side as it sped off (the above image taken from a nearby CCTV camera shows). He was finally thrown from the vehicle when the Suspect drove through shallow sea water. Speaking afterwards the Officer, who was injured during the incident, said; “I launched myself onto the side of a moving hummer truck in hopes I could somehow bring the snipers’ days of terrorizing the citizens here to an end. Whether I got inside of the vehicle or was led to where ever the sniper is hiding, I don’t care. I have family and friends here, and will not stand idly by with a pen and paper as their lives are put in danger.”

Detective Meghan Lennox joined the pursuit on a motorbike, but in the melee her bike was run over and destroyed by the suspect. The Detective said “The bitch is f***ing crazy”. Sergeant Shawn Jones also attempted to apprehend the suspect with his police issue bicycle, but after being rammed by the Suspect he also suffered injury. Asked to comment afterwards the Sergeant responded; “A quote you want. The bitch ran me over with a damn armored hummer,  thats my quote”.

The Suspect also rammed a police cruiser in an apparent game of ‘Chicken’ with Officer Jonathon Carbenell, before making their escape into Vodou where they were lost.

It is clear from this incident that the City is faced with an extremely dangerous threat from a Suspect who has shown complete disregard for the safety of innocent civilians and Officers alike.

A ‘Major Incident’ declared by the HPD is still in force and the Public are reminded of the following advice:

• Stay indoors, away from windows.

• Essential travel only.

• Run between buildings.

• Stay alert!

In a statement, Detective Lieutenant Moonshadow of the Major Crimes Unit said: “We are working on a number of active leads in our tireless efforts to bring the so-called Hathian Sniper to justice. In the meantime Citizens are advised to remain vigilant and heed the HPD safety advice. Under no circumstances should this individual be approached, if seen dial 911 immediately for an armed response”.

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