Inkpen Calls For Investigation Relating To Arrest

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Jack Inkpen, manager of Vudu Spice Shop in Hathian, turned to the Hathian Observer to investigate an incident with the Hathian Police Department on March 19th. While en route with his son, to the Pie Hole at the corner of Battle and Main, Inkpen was stopped by a uniformed officer, Sergeant Wernir Ludwig. They were later joined by a plain clothes officer, Mickie Karu, who took Inkpen’s son into protective custody. Inkpen was placed in a cell for twenty-four hours before released on bail.

Public records show Sergent Ludwig initiated the arrest after a text sent from Karu pointed Inkpen as a known suspect. The arrest was made under the assumption of criminal involvement, however the offense is listed as obstruction.

Records do not show Inkpen implicated as a suspect in a crime with exception of a previously resolved incident. On November 1st, 2014 Inkpen was arrested for possession of dangerous weapons and was fined for the offense.

According to Inkpen, he believes the charge stems from past Hathian General Hospital security footage reviewed by Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang after the hostage situation that occurred on January 12th, 2015. The footage in question, recorded on December 31st, 2014, allegedly shows Inkpen on a guided tour of the hospital’s psych ward by mortician Kai Dojima-Raiden. That evening, Dojima-Raiden broke hospital protocol and released a psych patient from the ward.

Neither Inkpen, Dojima-Raiden, nor the released psych patient are implicated on the police report related to the hostage situation. Paging through previous police reports, Inkpen holds no known association with any of the suspects related to the event.

Media liaison Angel Moonshadow of the Hathian Police Department was contacted by the Observer for a chance to refute Inkpen’s claims; though failed to provide any comment.

An additional attempt to contact Dojima-Raiden also occurred, however she too made no statement.

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