Vigil Against Violence

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On March 11th, a peaceful vigil was arranged on the pier off of Burbon Street by Jayda Ferrentino. She called it the Vigil Against Violence.  It was planned following the execution of Kayle Vond by Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang.  It was to be a peaceful protest against the violence of the city of Hathian, and more so on what just happened at the Hathian Police Department.

From the beginning of the vigil, it was anything but peaceful. Right away an argument about past grievances was aired loudly between a woman identified as Blair, and with the host, Ferrentino.  It was quickly apparent that Blair was just there to protest, not about the violence, but to protest in general. “I’ll protest almost anything capitalism,” she was witnessed saying to the group that gathered.

Most of the people gathered at the vigil were confused, scared, saddened, and angry at the public execution, and the subsequent death of Miss Sidda Matfield. With the chaos that went on at the HPD, no one was sure what was going on or all the facts.  There were plenty of people talking about how the police hurt someone themselves or people they loved. Ferrentino even spoke of her own experiences with police brutality, without elaborating, and how it caused her PTSD.

When there was a large enough crowd, the true reason for arranging the vigil became very apparent. Using the tragedy, a political platform was pushed by Jayda Ferrentino. She thanked everyone for coming and stated the violence is the reason why we needed to choose candidates that will address the HPD corruption.

Candidate Ferrentino went on to say the vigil was arranged on behalf of her and the Calhern-Davenport ticket. She stated over and over that she was here representing our city council candidate and as long as we supported her and the Calhern-Davenport ticket, they vow to change the way the city works by better transparencies.

When asked where the candidates were, she said they were at the HPD trying to pacify the situation, and she was here representing them.

Candidate Ferrentino advised everyone to tweet their support of the three candidates, and to take many pictures.

The Vigil Against Violence was nothing more than a trio of politicians trying to take advantage of a very scary, confusing, and tragic situation to garner votes.

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