HPD Press Release About Sniper Attack Revealed

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The following is a press release released by Hathian Police Department regarding a sniper attack on Monday the 16th of March.

“At approximately 1:25 P.M., Monday, the 16th of March, a group of Hathian residents congregated in the skate park came under sustained attack from the so called ‘Hathian Sniper’ several shots were fired at the group, including a child and a disabled, wheelchair-bound woman, fortunately no member of the public sustained any serious injuries, though the female’s wheelchair was destroyed by a bullet, the woman herself suffering some minor shrapnel injuries.

For safety and legal reasons the names of the victims will not be released at this time.

Officers from HPD responded with the haste and urgency to be expected in such a dangerous situation with members of the public at high risk. Detective Meghan Lennox of the Major Crimes Unit was the first responder on scene coming under fire with her unmarked cruiser sustaining major damage and the Detective herself shot through the arm, though at this time her injuries are not believed to be of a serious nature.

At this point it is believed with the arrival of HPD officers the sniper fled the scene. Primary investigations of the incident show that the sniper was located on the roof of the Hathian Theater and made escape through that building before offices could seal off the scene.

ALL members of the public are advised to keep in mind safety information related to the sniper in mind at this time, this is the second such incident involving this sniper and though no one has yet suffered major or fatal injuries it may be only a matter of time before the city’s luck changes.

HPD still has an active ‘Major Incident’ declared over this and citizens are reminded of the following:

• Stay indoors, away from windows.

• Essential travel only.

• Run between buildings.

• Stay alert!

HPD and especially the Major Crimes Unit is doing all within it’s power to investigate, track and neutralize the sniper with public safety at the forefront of the Department’s actions and collective mind. Please help us by reporting any possible sightings or information you may have regarding the sniper and please DO NOT attempt to approach this person, they are to be considered ARMED and extremely dangerous, with murderous intent.

Det. Sgt. L. Morrisey
MCU Operational Co-Commanding Officer”

As the HPD continue to investigate this case; it is essential that citizens heed the advisories presented until the sniper culprit is in custody. As previously stated; if you have any information regarding this case, please contact the HPD immediately. Do NOT approach the suspect. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous!

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