Prominent HGH Doctor Returned Safely After Abduction

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After a harrowing kidnapping, the highly respected Dr. Amira Xuanzang, 26, was recovered from an apartment in Rougarou.

Xuanzang first went missing on Tuesday, but by early Wednesday morning, police had located Xuanzang and apprehended a suspect.  Assisting in the raid, Capt. Jeremiah Xuanzang (the victim’s husband), sustained a stab wound to the leg.

Paramedics transported both Amira and Jeremiah Xuanzang to Hathian General Hospital (HGH) where respectively, they remain in extremely critical and stable conditions.  Capt. Xuanzang meanwhile, took to social media and identified the suspect by name on Twitter.

“[Amira Xuanzang] has been found and recovered,” Capt. Xuanzang wrote, “and [Kayl Vond] is in custody, and will be dealt with tomorrow, publicly.”

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