Press Release: HPD Internal Affairs

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***** PRESS RELEASE *****

In our previous Press Release, for reasons of openness and transparency we took the exceptional and extraordinary step of releasing details of disciplinary and/or employee support measures recently taken with regard to Officers struggling to meet the high standards required of a Police Officer. We take discipline very seriously and even in my own division, MCU Detectives must adhere to rigorous standards of behaviour. For that reason it was with regret that on my authority my Sergeants were recently forced to terminate the employment of Detective Krystal O’Neil for gross misconduct and insubordination.

When it comes to dealing with the citizens and public of this great city we require even higher standards of courtesy and professionalism. With this in mind, the HPD command have decided to form an ‘Internal Affairs’ department. Any citizen who wishes to make a complaint about the behaviour of a serving Officer should do so at the HPD Station front counter. Serious and severe matters will be referred to our specially trained IA team, where the full details of their complaint will be taken in a supportive and sympathetic atmosphere.

Our specialist IA Officers will also be able to assist complainants with referrals to other civil, medical and psychiatric support services as required.

So I the midst of these elections, the HPD is already and unilaterally showing it’s support for democracy with renewed vigour to stamp-out any unprofessional behaviour. The esteemed Editor of this very newspaper has spoken of her gratitude to our brave Officers that rescued her in her most recent editorial. Our colleagues in the FDH have also spoken in similar warm praise at our actions to assist them in the same edition. I hope the politicians and citizens too can stand by us as we risk our lives to protect them from threats like the current so-called “Hathian Sniper”. Such criminal elements cannot be allowed to disrupt the democratic process and we are doing all we can to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Let us go forward together, one Community, one City and one proud Police Department, serving and protecting 24/7, 365 days per year.

The HPD is committed to upholding the highest standards of public service and will deal rigorously with anyone who threatens our hard earned reputation and standards that YOU, the Citizens deserve from us.

The HPD, your caring community Police Force, We reflect those we serve….

Det. Lt. A. Moonshadow
MCU & Media Liason

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