HPD Captain Xuanzang Heroically Saves Kitten From Tree

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Recently, Hathian Police Department Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang was involved in the dramatic rescue of a kitten from a tree. While traveling to work, the busy HPD Captain noticed a distraught child crying beside a tree. Although he was on his way to an important meeting, the Captain stopped his vehicle and approached the child to ask what was wrong. The kindly Captain explained, “I could not pass by without investigating what was upsetting this poor child.”

A tearful Kayleigh Tyler, aged 8 years, from Vodou, Louisiana told the Captain that her beloved kitten ‘Minion’ had climbed a tree and was now stuck, meowing pitifully from a branch above Happy-Child-&-Kitten(1.5x1)them! With complete disregard for his personal safety, the brave Captain ascended the tree and rescued the kitten, receiving some scratches which he shrugged off.

After returning Minion to an overjoyed little girl the Captain commented, “It is our duty to serve and protect our citizens, regardless of age, the Hathian Police Department is here to help, I was just doing my job”.

With Minion purring in her arms, a beaming Kayleigh told us, “I just don’t know what I would have done if the Policeman had not stopped to help, poor little Minion must have been so hungry and it would have got dark soon, I was so worried. Thank you Mr. Policeman, you are the best!”


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