Preliminary Vote Results In

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After a weekend of voting and 24 hours for officials to count ballots, the results of the preliminary vote are finally in.

The mayoral candidates that will move forward are Rabid Calhern, who lead the pack with an overwhelming 37% of the vote, followed by Rachell Vond-Washborne, Karn Nevelle, and Cammy Li.

City council was also a tight race, but there were definitely some clear front runners. Jayda Ferrentino walked away with the most votes cast in her favour, followed by Paige Davenport, Zipporah Caverly, Perina McGinnis, Inara Shen, and Grace Johnson.

Though this is only the first hurdle candidates have to pass. Ahead of them is another month of campaigning before the final election, which is to take place on March 27th.

A mayoral debate will also take place on March 11th at 2 PM ((SLT)) in the Columtreal University gym, as well has the Great Hathian Debate, hosted by HTV Studio, giving the city a chance to really see who they’re voting for.

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