Candidate Spotlight: Cammy Li

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As the polls opened for the first day of voting, the Hathian Observer sat down with late-entry Mayor Candidate Cammy Li and discussed how she would tackle the important issues of Hathian.

Observer: What goals do you wish to achieve if elected?” He asked her, going into professional mode.

Cammy Li: If I am elected I am going to try to make Hathian cleaner and safer.

O: How do you propose to make Hathian cleaner and safer?

CL: In the end city council and the mayor will work together. I think it’s important for everyone to help out to clean up, so I was thinking of setting up volunteer programs to go to the beach and clean up the litter and what not, also crack down on our sanitation department to be more dependable about keeping these streets clean.

You know it’s sad to see newspaper dispensers knocked over with paper all over the street and see that just sit there for days. Just like keeping our city clean together, we need to work together to keep it safe, so I think we should set up a neighborhood watch to go about and make sure neighbors are being respectful neighbors, in the city and in our neighborhoods. It’s important to be able to feel safe walking around Hathian and I get the feeling not too many people have that feeling anymore.

O: Our streets are fairly dirty and unsafe. So what about poverty? That goes hand and hand with cleaning our streets as well as safety. How do you plan on battling poverty in this town?”

CL: Well I think something we need to start considering is building a homeless shelter, it will make it much safer for both our homeless population and those that are not. I think it’s important to give people a roof over their head and something in their bellies. And of course it wouldn’t be cheap but I think if everyone would chip in, we could have like bake sales, car washes, people of Hathian pitching in for the people of Hathian. You get out what you put in.

This town seems to always be at each others throats, we need to work together, that’s how communities thrive. And I want to be there helping, I know if I set all these programs up, I would be doing my best to make it to the clean ups, the shelter, the night watches. I have read that too, it makes sense, people are trying to survive, and it’s sad. We can make this city great.

O: What about education? Our school system is clearly not up to par. What sort of changes would you propose if elected Mayor?

CL: Well I think our school system does need some help, I’ve seen kids walking around the streets on a Tuesday, and we just can’t have that. I think we need more teachers, and just just quantity, quality. It’s not going to be a switch over night, it will take time, but I think if we put in the effort, we can really turn our education program around, which will get kids to stick it out through high school and go to college and be the future of this country.

O: What about health care?

CL: Well I’m actually really good friends with Amira Xuanzang, so I really do trust her to take care of our hospital, she is very smart and I trust her one hundred and ten percent. I’m not gonna lie that’s not my strong suit but I can assure you and the people of Hathian, that I will learn up on this subject so I can help make our health care the very best

O: What about small business? How will you tackle those issues?

CL: I love the idea of our small local businesses, I mean like yeah I can order something online and get free shipping but there is something about walking into a store and having someone recognize you and know exactly what you are getting that is quite charming. I really want to promote and help our businesses thrive and take the time to take to every store owner to make sure that business is a booming. I just think that our local stores are what keep this city a float.

O: What City Council members are you supporting in this race?

CL: I’m supporting Inara Shen and Jayda Ferrentino. I have been to some of their shows and I have seen how they put a lot back into the community, which like I’ve said a million times tonight, is very important.

The polls are open until March 1st, so make sure you cast your vote and let your voice be heard! The poll stations are located in the Hathian Police Department lobby, the Columtreal University Gym, and the Civil Service Office!

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