Grace Johnson for City Council

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Let me start by saying I know I have fallen a bit behind in campaigning efforts by being absent from Hathian for this past week. Unfortunately, matters with my parents and personal life needed immediate attention. If elected, I promise to be a strong and active presence in the city barring this small side step.

I want what the people want, and from what little I have seen, heir concerns seem to center around:

  • Supporting small businesses.
  • Addressing disparity between the upper crust citizens and the everyday citizens of Hathian.
  • Bettering education across all ages. Whether this be at Seaside or the university.
  • Addressing the rampant corruption and abuse of power amongst various Civic Services.
  • Keeping the streets safe.
  • More lenient drug policy.
  • Handicap accessibility.

I want to accomplish or at the very least address all of the above. I want to open up a forum to the people. I don’t have my own agenda other than to be a conduit for the people, their needs, and their wants. If I can shed some light on these issues.. If I can give voice to the voiceless of Hathian, then that’s what I want to accomplish. And I promise to work tirelessly to present the known issues and new issues as they arise.

But why do you care? Why should you vote for me? What do you want? Do you want someone who is popular? Do you want someone who is frightening? Do you want someone who put on a serious face just in time for the campaign? Or do you want someone who has run a business? Has a deep understanding of mental faculties? Someone who has experience working with the most trouble of Hathian and has come out the other side.

What do I bring to the table? I have extensive experience with community outreach and successful event planning. I have a deep understanding of the human mind and what drives people to their actions because of my background in Psychiatry. As I said before, I am familiar with the dark and the light sides, the victim and the victimizing of Hathian.

There is something I’m sure many people have heard of and I would like to take a moment to address. As you may or may have not heard, the CU Clinic ran into.. financial difficulties that I was not aware of until after I had already decided to leave and pursue my campaign. Unfortunately I wasn’t involved with the finances outside of what was required for events and setting the initial costs of procedures.

I just wanted to set the story straight, so that the citizens could trust me with their hard earned tax dollars when making decisions for the betterment of the city. If anything this should tell the citizens that I am fallible. But will admit to that fact, and can only ask for the chance to be more vigilant for their sakes in the future.

Additionally, I’d like to take the opportunity to personally apologize to the patients who felt abandoned by my departure. Unfortunately, legally they were CU Clinic Psychiatric patients and not my own, and I had signed a non compete clause. I thought.. I hoped I was leaving them in good hands.

All I can advise is that the citizens vote for who can do the best job, not who is their best friend.

– Grace Johnson

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