Candidate Spotlight: Bliour Michaels

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Bliour Michaels is one of many candidates running for city council. The Observer was able to get a hold of an interview conducted with H-zine, which it neglected to publish. This may have something to do with H-Zine employee Jayda Ferrentino’s recent assault on Bliour Michaels, resulting in serious injuries. The Observer is dedicated to share interview answers as these important questions steers ones vote.

Q: What are your goals?
A: Its hard to put what my goals are for the city and explain them all in one setting. I know that being elected as a City Council member would also mean working in conjunction with the others as well as the elected Mayor. While our goals may be different, strategies, the like, the most important factor is that we all focus on serving the citizens.

Q: What do you want to accomplish and how?
A: I would like to first and foremost see the citizens be able to reach out to their council and have input. I would like to see city council meetings hosted with open invitations to the public for response on new local laws, changes, etc. While my thoughts may be grand, if it doesn’t settle or work for the citizens, or what is best for Hathian, then it isn’t going to such a grand idea then, now will it?

The second thing I would like to accomplish is an adjustment on the budgeting practices. Previously, when I was Captain of the HPD I worked with the mayor handling HPD’s budget and saw how it was skewed amongst all the civil services. FDH needs upgraded equipment, HPD needs to tighten their budget on supplies as well as allocate hiring to a few jail guards, HGH needs a bump for additional staffing and to expand more into psychiatric services, and Civil Services needs additional staffing to work more with the juveniles in Hathian, Family Services, Food Stamps, etc.

These are just 2 of the first goals that I would like to see accomplished. It is important to remain focused on a few things, instead of many. I would like to accomplish much more, but as this is being transitioned from a former corrupted position.. it will take a lot of work, to even accomplish the small things that the city needs.

Q: Why should we vote for you?
A: I know that my past will make many people question if I am right for this position. But, my past is what will help me. As Captain of the HPD, I worked personally with the mayor staff on budgeting and trying to get the things that the city needed through the HPD. While it was not always granted, I know what it takes and the process. I have been in Hathian for a long time.. While I made mistakes, I have learned from them. I know personally what every element of this city needs. I am living proof that despite circumstances, despite the past. People can change, and can get better.

Q: What qualities do you believe you’d bring to the position?
A: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Knowledge, Courage, Willpower

Q: Is there anything in in your own past that you would like to address for the benefit of the public?
A: I lost myself to the ways of Hathian. When I first came to Hathian, I was young, naive, but it all changed. I fell into drug use like so many.. but it was after I had been attacked in my own home and then drug out to the trash. I joined the HPD knowing I had to help make a difference. I went to rehab, became sober.. and worked on making lives better. But as the years went on.. things, people, the hate, the deaths. I became hardened.. I lost .. my kindness, I lost my patience. I worked through the ranks of HPD until I became Captain. Not many know why I entered my early retirement, so I will be honest here and now for all.

I felt like, I was at fault for when the gangs attacked the station again and so many were hurt. I had seen many officers fall in my day, but nothing like what happened. I couldn’t handle, the fact, that I may have hurt so many people. It was a slap in the face to the reality of what.. I had become. As I left, I was lost and I went towards those I thought.. were like a second family. I know it will sound weird, or wrong.. but through my time in the Rejects. Despite the hate between us, we respected each other. And I needed that.. familiarity. Being a part of them I saw how things were on the other side. Including my own false arrest.

So I separated myself from them. It was those moments, that I realized.. the monster I had become and I knew things had to change. And I have.. been working and trying to make that happen since then. I can only hope that people will try to focus more on the future then the past. I may of done things that were unspeakable in the past, but I also worked to try and help/save many.

Q: Who would you like to see win or lose if things don’t work out for you in the election?
A: Anyone that the city personally sees can help them achieve what is needed. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but an honest opinion of what will be best for all.

Q: Would you like to let us know who is publicly supporting/backing you in the community?
A: I have worked to try and speak to multiple business owners to garner support, but unfortunately my timing has been off and I haven’t been able to reach them at this time.

Q: Anything else you’d like to let the people of Hathian know?
A: I have always fully supported the local businesses in Hathian and hoped to see those prosper. Local businesses help make Hathian, have its charm and be what it is and it should continue to be that way. Vote for who you personally think is best. Don’t base it on your own personal acquaintances, who you are friends with, or who you know. Vote for Change, and Vote for Hope. Vote for who will be the one to help not just you, but everyone in the city.

The campaigning has just began. Stay tuned for more information about Mayor and Council candidates in the election as we learn what each of them stand for!

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