Man Found with Stab Wounds Near Vudu Spice

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On Tuesday morning, Paramedic Kate Stark and Lieutenant Emily Cooper responded to a call at Vudu Spice. A man had been stabbed in the hand and stomach by his supposed friend. When they arrived at the scene, the man was laying on the bench in obvious pain.

Officer Allariya arrived at the scene and stayed nearby while the medics took care of their patient. When the man had been bandaged and given oxygen and morphine, Allariya began questioning the patient.

The patient, later identified as Joe, informed Officer Allariya that he was stabbed by a woman he thought was her friend. He described the woman as “A blonde, kinda short, and likes to hangout in graveyards.” As Lieutenant Cooper commented,”With friends like those, you won’t need enemies.”

Joe said he didn’t know why his friend would do this to him. He told the officer that he thought his friend had gone crazy. “One minute we were sitting quietly talking, the next she was stabbing me while some crazy looking green haired lady with an eye patch watched and egged her on,” he explained. He insisted that his friend wasn’t normally like this. He also believed that the green-haired lady had something to do with it but he didn’t know the woman’s name.

The medics transported him to the hospital and his stab wounds were attended to.

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