Behind the Badge – Officer Jay Wardark

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Officer Jay Wardark of the Hathian Police Department stands on a corner, playing a video game on his phone. Obviously losing the game, he curses at it.

He starts talking in an easy going manner, but with an air of skepticism. He also spoke with an air of heavy flirtation.

Officer Wardark joined the force when he was transferred from Chicago “several years” ago. He is the first in his family to become a police officer, though his father is another first responder, a fire fighter. He called being a police man in his blood.

Becoming defensive and standoffish, he claims he has never done anything he did not agree with. He said he does his duty “professionally, respectfully, and within [his] legal jurisdiction as a peace officer.” While it sounds like a canned, by-the-book answer, he appears to believe it.

The only thing he admits he has done that he doesn’t agree with is letting someone go because a victim is too scared to press charges, or there is insufficient evidence.

He was very approachable should the need arise for a fair and just HPD officer, and maybe one night of a good time.

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