Dead Man Attacks Former Girlfriend

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Earlier this week, people may have heard the news of a brutal attack towards a citizen of Hathian named Alexandra Markus, a very well liked and friendly person. She was left with brutal injuries to her face, a seriously injured arm and injured leg amongst other injuries. The attacker is man that faked his own death known as Dustin Chestnut.

Intrigued about the story and disgusted by her injuries I asked if we could set up an interview to speak about what happened that night was attacked by this man.

Chestnut is a past local business owner with many ties to the community. In 2013, he faked his own death and allegedly killed his own daughter. Markus is a past police officer and owner of a new business helping people with receiving a home. The pair years ago at the local comic book store, at first they were friends and later it became something more.

When they’re relationship began, she stated he always wanted things his way, and if he didn’t get his own way he would throw a tantrum and use name calling to his advantage. Markus soon became pregnant with their child, but sadly miscarried. She believed this is when the relationship begun to go downhill.

With both of them upset, many arguments broke out and verbal abuse was used many times over, especially about her miscarriage. She claimed that both of them weren’t innocent and it seemed they’re relationship wasn’t meant to be. They decided to go on their separate ways.

Although they were split up and no longer in a relationship, they continued they’re friendship. They both met at the recent masquerade ball and she said he was charming and attempted to revive they’re relationship. Since their split, Markus started another relationship with somebody she loves dearly, but wanted to continue as friends.

When Chestnut took to Twitter to alert people of his pain, she decided to help him. Chestnut a frequent drug-user took this option to his advantage by meeting her at the semi-constructed training facility for the Fire Department of Hathian. She was going to look after a friend while he was going to gain revenge.

When she arrived at the building, she met Dustin on an upper level, who had his hand behind his back, holding a weapon. When the conversation didn’t go the way he wanted, he revealed the weapon and continuously beat Markus with it. Her face was brutally beaten and left with severe bruising and injuries. She attempted to fight back but was roughly pushed down the stairs leading to her more severe injuries on her arm and legs, which left her unconscious.

Soon after the police and paramedics arrived after hearing of Markus’ disappearance, she was taken to Hathian General, where she was treated for her injuries. Since she was unconscious, she was unsure of when Dustin got arrested, but knew he was.

This man is extremely dangerous and beat up a woman that he used to be in a relationship with. She was left with serious injuries that are currently healing. She believes his frequent drug use maybe a factor for his anger and rage.

Over the last few days, Chestnut has taken to Twitter to attempt to regain some attention by placing the blame on Alexandra and making her look like the attacker. She said she learned from her mistakes, but wanted to share her story and tell people how things can easily change and so people don’t make the same mistakes.

She wants to thank the members of the Police Department that helped put this mad man behind bars. She also wants to thank the HGH for helping her with her injuries, as well as the FDH for the amazing work of the paramedics on that night. There work is definitely not appreciated as much as it should be and we are very proud of them.

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