Behind the Badge – Officer Achilles Lexico

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Officer Achilles Lexico of the Hathian Police Department stands in front of the Hathian Police Department a pillar of strength, skepticism, and has an air of a don’t-mess-with-me attitude. He appears highly unapproachable and reluctant to talk. Officer Lexico is short and to the point, and is brutally honest, and direct.

His thoughts on humanizing the HPD officers are that it would only lead them to be bigger targets for the criminals.

Officer Lexico decided to become a cop after spending most of his adult life in the army. It was a “natural fit” after leaving military life. He likes the order being a Police Officer brings. He is the first in his family to choose this career path and he enjoys the job even after all this time.

Officer Lexico claims that he has never done anything he did not agree with, and he wishes he could do more to stop the rampant crime in Hathian. He hates when criminals prey on the weak and the innocent.

Officer Lexico admitted that he feels the “proper application of violence will create an environment of compliance.” To the point, he believes in corporal punishment. He loves “every second” of the violence he deals out to perceived criminals.

In short, approach with caution, else you may be the criminal in his eyes.

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