Letter To The Editor: Response to ‘Deal with the Devil’

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Miss Swartz would do well to actually read the newspaper she is writing to before putting an ill-informed pen to paper. In an article from just a few days ago, the HPD hosted a Press Conference where we displayed the results of a highly successful Police operation against the gang known as the Immortals. We not only arrested five key members of that gang, but also recovered a large amount of drugs and weapons, smashing their criminal network. Therefore any suggestion that the HPD would enter into a ‘deal’ with Criminal gangs is simply preposterous as the evidence shows.

We have become used to this kind of sloppy, inaccurate reporting from those with a hidden malicious agenda against the HPD. Whilst our brave Officers risk their lives daily to protect the innocent, those who would bring chaos and crime to our City continue to spread their poison and lies.

Make no mistake, the HPD never has and never will do ‘deals’ with criminals. We will continue to work tirelessly to hunt down and crush those who think they can profit from crime. The guilty shall be punished!


Detective Lieutenant A. Moonshadow

MCU & Media Liaison

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