Letter To The Editor: Deal With the Devil?

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Hello to the people of Hathian. It was brought to my attention, and some of you might know this, but for those of you that don’t, lend me your ears.

October of last year, a Captain Gideon Locke who is now the chief of the HPD, entered into an agreement of the sorts with The Immortals. I was told that this ‘agreement’ or whatever you want to call it, basically makes their gang untouchable by the HPD as far as arrests are concerned.

This makes me wonder what exactly these ‘Immortals’ have on Chief Locke. What is he hiding that he has to put the entire city at risk from the infamous gang The Immortals? They have committed crimes like rape, kidnapping, robbery and yes, even murder, from what my source tells me.

That is it for now Hathian. I will keep you posted on all the juicy gossip going around the city, in the meantime, stay out of the way of the PD and The Immortals… You have been warned.

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