Details Revealed About Murder of Aurora Brighton

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Aurora Brighton, who was brutally murdered by Clover Fordyce, will finally be put to rest on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015  at 2 P.M. SLT.

On January 15, 2015, a Hathian police officer was arresting another suspect when t a voice was heard from the roof. Fordyce was holding Brighton at gunpoint. She told the Hathian Police Department that she had a message for them.

“Your department’s been fucking with everyone, gassin’ us, pulling shit that shouldn’t be, raping people that shouldn’t be. But we’re not welcome mats,” Fordyce told the HPD.

Then, before the HPD officer could apprehend the suspect, Fordyce pulled the trigger, fatally wounding Brighton. Shortly after the suspect was taken into custody.

According to public records, this is not Fordyce’s first murder. Lead Investigator of the HPD Major Crimes Unit (MCU), Angel Moonshadow, reassures the public that Clover Fordyce served her time in the HPD cells.

After Aurora Brighton’s funeral procession, a reading of her Will and Testament will be read by benefactor Ellis Millet.


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