Woman Found Hanging Out

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Early on the morning of January 26, 2015 Hathian Police responded to Bourbon Street under the bridge after a women was found hanging in a very small cage roughly five feet above the ground.

Upon arrival the victim, Emily Niekerk, was unresponsive but alive. The cage was small enough that the woman was folded in half bound to the cage with chains and gagged it appeared, was barely hanging on to life as the Emergency Medical Services of the Hathian Fire Department arrived.

The woman as carefully lowered the ground where Probationary Fire Fighter Harrison Rascon was able to free the woman from the cage and was quickly transported to Hathian General Hospital where her condition at this time is unknown.

Speaking with Hathian Police Department no suspect was known at this time however the Major Crime Unit was working the case and did say that the crime was barbaric at least and they were working to solve the case as quickly as possible.

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