From Shadoe Katsuragi To Hathian

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To all of Hathian,

This is to state that the attack on my person by one Matt Zero, was not condoned by the Immortals in any way. The Zero family had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Many months ago, I saved Zero’s life after he had been shot point blank in the chest. A family member I recently found out was Matt Zero, came to me after, to first say thank you, then to express his displeasure that I asked a coworker to not tell the family who had shot the patriarch to try and prevent an all out war. I expressed an opinion, that Matt seemed to have taken as an insult, and he did at that time threaten me. I honestly blew it off, thinking it an empty threat. An opportunity arose for Matt Zero to make good on his threat and so he did. Kidnapping me and torturing me for days.

Again, the Zero Family were not responsible, not even aware, that this was going to happen. I believe that they would have taken steps to prevent it had they known. I beg all of Hathian to not take out any aggression on any family member of Zero’s. Don’t treat them as if they were a part of this, for they weren’t.

Fire Department of Hathian Captain Shadoe Katsuragi.

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