FDH Responds to Another Murder Scene

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While on the way to get their morning coffee at the Daily Grind, Probie Rascon and Paramedic Stark responded to a call in the ally behind some townhouses in the city. They approached to the scene where two officers were already present and talking with the woman who was barely alive.

Nicolette Grey, a staff member at Hathian General, had been stabbed in the heart with a knife. After trying to apply pressure to the wound and resuscitate her with shock pads, the battle ended negatively as the woman’s life had left her body. Medical Examiner Takahiro Ugimachi arrived on scene quickly as the medics and police discussed the scene with him.

Unfortunately, death in Hathian is becoming something all too familiar. In this case, the amount of HGH staff meeting their end has risen to an uncomfortable high. The FDH mourns with the families of these victims, knowing that these are not just names on a report. They are people with families, friends, and loved ones who are going to forever miss them.

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