Three Dead In Hospital Siege

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A group of deranged body-snatching attackers, whose motives are unknown at this point, were subdued by Officers of the Hathian Police Department after an unprecedented attack on the hospital last Sunday.

Shortly before noon, a pair of intruders using fake IDs told the receptionist that they wished to visit a patient. After being buzzed in, they proceeded to the basement morgue instead of to the recovery ward. The intruders were approached by two security guards, who they then viciously attacked.

Security in the hospital noticed the altercation on CCTV and informed staff, but it appears the radio call was overheard by a group of four to five accomplices who were loitering in the lobby and, without warning, they attacked and overpowered the lobby guard. Further Security Officers rushed to assist their colleague, but in the melee two security guards were killed in a brutal attack with a hammer. It was then the HPD were informed and rushed to the scene.

“Upon arriving at the chaos that was the hospital lock down I found my fellow officers trying to defuse a major situation in the hospital,” recalls Officer Adelaide Walker. “As I made my self known, two women came out from the hall and proceeded to come at us. We tried to stop them, only to have them lunge at us and try to us with their bats and machetes! Officer Hunter Caverly brought down one with his taser, then collapsed from his injures.”

“Attacking innocent civilians is one thing, but attacking innocent civilians that are already in a critical state takes it to a whole different level,” says Officer Caverly. “I attempted to take down the woman blocking the doorway to the hall, in which I succeeded, only to find a green-haired woman busting through the door and driving her machete into my leg.” Caverly later on required several stitches, after being sent into shock from the attack.

Although heavily outnumbered, the Officers confronted the attackers, but not before the criminals had killed another security guard, bringing the total casualties to three.

With disregard for his own personal safety, off-duty HPD Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang also came to assist his colleagues. He discovered one of the suspects attempting a sexual act on the body of a security guard. The Captain wrestled the armed attacker to the ground and subdued him. The Officers arrested all but one of the criminals, although one deranged individual remains on the loose after removing a corpse from the morgue.

“We were able to apprehend a well known criminal, Esmeralda Siamendes, along with Helena Litovchenko and one other,” confirms Officer II Zipporah Caverly. “We sustained injuries ourselves, but thanks to HGH we’re on the road to recovery. To that final criminal, we will find you, and you will be brought to justice.”

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