First Responder Kidnapped, Raped By A Zero

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Shadoe Katsuragi, a well known member of the Fire Department of Hathian, was found earlier this weekend after being missing for nearly a week.

She claims she was taken by a man she thought was familiar. He drugged and took her to an undisclosed location. She also says this man happens to be a Zero, or a member of the Immortals.

“Now, I have done nothing to the Zeros, nothing at all,” she says as she recovers from her hospital bed. “I’ve just been doing my job, so this is kinda out of the blue.”

KatsuragiĀ has held captive for five days, in which time this Zero tortured and raped her multiple times, causing not only various physical injuries, but emotional and mental damage as well. Not only that, but she alleges that he also starved her, only giving her minimal amounts of water to keep her alive.

After those five days, he took her battered and once again unconscious body, this time leaving her to die in the District 8 park, suspended from a tree on Sunday afternoon. It was there that he added insult to injury one last time, allowing an elderly homeless man to rape her as well.

“When I woke, I was on my tiptoes, barbed wire around my neck in a noose,” she recalls. “I was slowly strangling as my legs gave out.”

This Zero, however, seems to have wanted her to live. Not only did he tweet graphic images of her torture, but also pictures of her body as she hung in the park, giving someone a chance to save her.

After friends saw these posts on social media, Katsuragi was rescued from the gallows in the park. She has been reunited with her friends, family, and coworkers, and is still recovering in Hathian General Hospital.

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