Police Defuse Robbery, Kidnapping Attempt at The Daily Grind

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Hathian police managed to bring a mostly peaceful end to a tense and prolonged standoff Sunday evening at The Daily Grind.

Authorities received a 911 call around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon reporting a robbery at the popular local cafe, according to the police report. When police arrived, the suspect, identified as Mason Morane, age unknown, fled on foot towards the scrapyard.

Responding officer, Lt. David Gutter, who had just returned to the streets for active duty, chased Morane on South Bourbon in the vicinity of the municipal garage. Back-up officers rushed to assist Gutter as the suspect, Morane, grabbed a young woman as his hostage.

Holding a knife to the woman’s neck, Morane tried to escape on foot, but Sgt. Lucy Morrisey managed to take down the suspect with a “simple baton tactic,” the report says.

In the end, Morane was taken into custody with his almost-hostage physically unscathed.  The injured man was transported to Hathian General Hospital to have his injuries treated.  In an interview with The Observer, Reid said he was recovering from his injuries “quite well.”

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