HPD; New Year, New Staff

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As Hathianites welcome in the New Year, the Hathian Police Department welcomed several staff changes and promotions. Known promotions are as follows:

  • Captain Gideon Locke was promoted to HPD Chief.
  • Lieutenant Jeremiah Xuanzang was promoted to Captain.
  • Sergeant Grace Robinson was promoted to Lieutenant yet her responsibilities are not known at this time. Still sleeping her way to the stop we guess.
  • Sergeant Angel Moonshadow was promoted to Lieutenant over the Major Crime Unit.

It is not clear how these changes will effect the lives of the people that call Hathian home. However, with Locke’s known antics, he is almost certainly grooming the new leaders of the HPD for another year of violent police tactics. Pictures that have surfaced on Twitter the past few months are evident of this. When will the reign of the largest gang in Hathian come to an end?

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