Ask Grace: Introduction For New Advice Column

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Written by Dr. Grace Hayes  (( Willow Adder ))

Good morning Hathian!

I have been giving advice ever since my friends knew the meaning of four vulnerable little words: “What should I do?” And, from what I’ve heard, I’m quite pretty good at it.

My friends (and sometimes their friends) seek me out for my blunt, no-sugar-coating advice, and now I want to do the same for you!

I’m Grace and I want to be your new best friend.

Specializing in Psychiatry, as well as taking some classes for my premed which include Social Psych, Sexual Behavior (the best class you’ll take in college, for which I was also a TA), Developmental Psych, Psycho-biological Aspects of Drugs, Physiological Psych, you get the point. I’m also proud to have been a research assistant for a prominent psychology professor.

My varied collegiate experiences, knowledge of psychiatry and medicine make me prepared to take on any woe you might have…large or small. So send in your questions to [email protected] ((IM Willow Adder in world with email)) or come see me in person at the CU Clinic or Hathian General Hospital and see what I have to say. I promise you won’t be disappointed. That was a lie; sometimes the truth hurts. But, I do promise to give you great advice!  (Aliases will be used for any questions selected to be in articles.)

Hope to hear from you!


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