Mayor Seeks To Reverse “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Rights

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Hathian Mayor Robert Boxer has made yet another controversial move last weekend, announcing during his year end speech that he wishes to do away with the common legal right of accused being innocent until proven guilty.

Presumption of innocence is considered a basic legal right in most of the modern world, and doing away with the status quo would send the legal system of the city back into the dark ages.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of police officers gunned down this year, not just in our own city, but in our fair country as well,” said Mayor Boxer. “I intend to put a stop to this nonsense and squash the criminals faster than ever before!”

This reversal would mean that anyone could be arrested simply on suspicion, and convicted without any sort of reasonable evidence.

“It’s not like our police department doesn’t exercise this thinking already,” Boxer defended. “We might as well make it part of our legal system.”

Members of the city council, who never cease to criticize the mayor, unanimously disagree with his point of view. It is not expected that his legislation will make it through the next city council meeting.

((OOC NOTE: No, this is not actually happening. It’s a gag article.))

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