Controversial Drilling To Occur In St. Tammany, Hathian

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Louisiana’s Department of Natural Resources has approved a drilling permit for Madison Gas & Oil to start drilling for oil and fracking outside of both Hathian and St. Tammany.

Both have caused residents of both parishes to oppose both projects and the general consensus is that it will cause major environmental pollution, leading to the eventual destruction of some of the native wildlife and fauna.

The department notified the public on its website late last week on Friday stating that it had approved the permits for both parishes for a well and other types of equipment for exploratory fracking and oil excavation. At this time, the permits are for exploration only, but additional state approval will need to occur if the the company locates oil and natural gas resources in the area. The company reports it can take up to 6 months for the data from the exploration to determine how profitable the drilling and fracking will be in both areas.

This past week, Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany have filed a motion to join the ongoing lawsuit that was filed a month ago from the Concerned Citizens of Hathian over the fracking exploration.

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